Winter is coming. Yes, it is a trendy catchphrase, but right now, it’s also an undeniable fact which affects our driving life.  Before the snow flies, you need to get your truck box covered for a variety of reasons.  There’s the chore of having to shovel out your truck box every time it snows and really, who wants to do more shoveling, ever? Your pickup box floor will be slippery, which is a safety hazard. There’s the fact that all of your gear will be cold and wet.  Sure, you could attempt to stash everything in the cab of your truck, but who wants that jumbled mess where you drive and where your passengers need to sit?  In the past, the argument could be made that tonneau covers were just too expensive to consider.  Those days are now over.  Lund has solved the pricing issue with the Genesis Roll-up Tonneau Cover. For additional information, check out:

At under $400.00, this functional and attractive black box cover is an economical way to solve your winter problems.  I bet you were thinking that it was twice that price, right?  It only looks like you spent a lot.  In reality, this value-added accessory is very practical and easy to install and use.  It is quick to roll up and self-store at the front of the box using straps and big, easy buckles.  So, when you need to haul cargo taller than the height of the box, the Genesis can be quickly secured without having to go to the trouble of removing it.  When you roll it closed, it snaps into place every time with the satisfying finality of a case closed.  The cover itself is made of a durable, tear-resistant, leather-like textured gloss vinyl and black aluminum bed rails. Although extremes in temperature can cause vinyl to become droopy and loose, Lund has designed a pre-set, hassle-free tension control system which keeps the cover taut at all temps, even in northern Canada.   Each corner is tapered for a precise fit and the front and rear rails have multi-finned rubber seals to prevent dust and moisture from getting in.

Not only do you save your hard-earned dollars at the time of purchase, this roll-up tonneau cover saves you money every time it is closed because a covered box saves you up to 10% on fuel.  That means it is environmentally savvy as well.  You also get the peace of mind that comes from a limited lifetime warranty.  Installation of this cover is quick and easy because each cover is precisely

manufactured to fit your make and model.   Lund even provides a short video to show you how to install it yourself.  See it at:  However, we’re all busy these days and you may prefer a professional installation.  You can save here too.  Until September 30th, 2016, when you purchase any Lund box cover at Raven Truck Accessories, the installation of that cover is free.  Don’t delay—call to schedule an appointment today.

The Genesis Roll-up Tonneau Cover would make an ideal Christmas gift for your truck-driving loved one.  Now that there is a vinyl roll-up box cover which is value-priced for our economic times, you can select this as your primary gift for your husband or wife. All truck accessory fans will love the way it improves the appearance of their rigs while making winter life a bit easier to take this coming season.

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