The old days are long gone. These days, you are just as likely to see a soccer mom or a stock broker driving a pickup truck as you are a cowboy or a construction worker. The interiors of pickups have become just as luxurious as most high-status sedans and Husky Liners has kept up with this trend by providing a wide range of products to suit a variety of lifestyles. This article will help you to choose the style which best suits your wants as well as your needs.Husky Liners offers four different styles of floor protection for vehicles: X-Act Contour®,Weatherbeater™,Heavy Duty and Classic Style. Each style provides options for a certain type of customer with a certain type of floor protection requirements. For work or play, they’ve got it covered.


The X-Act Contour® series of floor liners suits the discerning customer who cares about appearance and comfort as much as she does about protecting her investment in her vehicle. Husky Liners calls these “liner gold”. The fit is precise and the level of protection is high and indestructible. At the same time, the finish on the X-Act Contour® is supple and soft, like the lining of a fur coat or a velvet purse. 1
The Weatherbeater™ series suits the kind of active, sporty lifestyle where you need more protection because you have more players: kids, dogs, team-mates. You are always rushing off to somewhere at the last minute and you jump into the cab of your truck with a coffee and a bagel in one hand and a piece of sporting equipment for you or your kids in the other! Spills are almost a way of life in your truck and the Weatherbeater™ is precisely contoured to deal with whatever happens while keeping your factory carpet clean like new. 4
The FormFit Edge™ is a patented ridge that runs all along the door jam so that nothing can get between the edge of the door and your floor liner, so your carpet remains factory clean. The Weaterbeater™’s Stay-Put™ Cleats secure the floor liner firmly in place so that it simply cannot shift under your feet. Finally, this particular style is ideally suited to the busy, sporty lifestyle because it is made to be easily removed, dumped, sprayed down with the garden hose and then set back firmly in place for more fun weeks. With the Weatherbeater™ on the job, you can rest assured that whatever family zaniness happens, your truck can take it as well as you can.
Husky Liners’ Heavy Duty Floor Mats are made out of DuraGrip™ for the working man. These mats are designed to take a beating from work boots, steel toes and even cleats—speaking of which, these mats feature the StayPut™ Cleats of the Weatherbeater™ so that they can be firmly held in place for protection and safe driving, no matter what kind of terrain is between you and the jobsite. The driver’s side heel pad has been reinforced to withstand your lead foot as well as the mood you’re in when you leave work. Let’s face it; they’re called Heavy Duty for a reason. Whatever duties your day brings, they will help you get the job done. 1
Husky Liners’ Classic Style of floor protection is ideal for older makes and models going back to the 70s. This was the original Husky Liner and it still stands the test of time. The checker plate design and full level of coverage are perfectly suited to contain whatever substances get spilled…

No matter who you are, what you do for work or play or what you drive, Husky Liners has the right type of floor protection to suit you. You can find Husky Liners Floor Mats at Raven Truck Accessories.

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