So you’ve decided it’s time to buy a tonneau cover for your truck. It seems like anyone who has a truck nowadays has a bed cover. In addition to cutting drag from the bed to improve gas mileage by as much as 10%, tonneau covers add a nice finishing touch to any truck.

Walk into any truck accessory shop or search online for an option and you can easily become overwhelmed by the vast array of options and manufactures who are looking to cover your truck bed. So what is the right choice for you? What should you look for? What is the difference between hard and soft covers? Are all manufacturers the same? Will one style or type require more or less maintenance? Finally, there is the issue of price, which can vary surprisingly from product to product.

This short article gives you a few key questions to consider when narrowing your search to find the right box cover for you.

Often times when you begin your search, the make, model, year, and box size of your truck play a role in the selection process. This is because whether you decide to go with a soft or a hard cover option, most covers are made specifically for your truck. You can imagine just how many different covers there are in the market today.

Many industry insiders suggest, however, that you should really begin by considering what your cover will be used for and matching your choices to that. Specifically, is the cover for recreational use or work? Is it for function or appearance? This is not to say it can’t be all of these things, but the answers do narrow the search and selection process to the best choices for you.

Will security be a concern for the contents in your truck bed? Do you want to be able to remove the cover and reinstall it yourself as needs dictate? Do you need to maintain the width of your truck bed for utility? Some covers will shave an inch or so off each side of the rails with their tracks. Is colour-matching your cover to your truck a consideration which may require a fiberglass option?


You should also determine your preference for a self-install or one done professionally. Local weather conditions and how they will affect the box cover should also be included in your decision-making process. Finally, how much do you want to invest?

You can do a lot of research online about features and benefits and you can read many customer reviews before you ever set foot inside a reputable accessory shop. Nothing really beats hands-on experience though. Being able to see the various products, and experience how they function will make the process a lot more manageable and informative.

Regardless of what you decide, care and maintenance are an obvious consideration. In fact, many of the tonneau covers require an annual inspection to ensure that the casings, rails, rollers, enclosures and straps are in proper working condition. This should not be disregarded.

Once you’ve gone through the entire selection process, you will become an expert who your friends and family can consult when they are getting ready to choose a box cover best suited to their needs in this ever-evolving market.


Winter is coming. Yes, it is a trendy catchphrase, but right now, it’s also an undeniable fact which affects our driving life.  Before the snow flies, you need to get your truck box covered for a variety of reasons.  There’s the chore of having to shovel out your truck box every time it snows and really, who wants to do more shoveling, ever? Your pickup box floor will be slippery, which is a safety hazard. There’s the fact that all of your gear will be cold and wet.  Sure, you could attempt to stash everything in the cab of your truck, but who wants that jumbled mess where you drive and where your passengers need to sit?  In the past, the argument could be made that tonneau covers were just too expensive to consider.  Those days are now over.  Lund has solved the pricing issue with the Genesis Roll-up Tonneau Cover. For additional information, check out:

At under $400.00, this functional and attractive black box cover is an economical way to solve your winter problems.  I bet you were thinking that it was twice that price, right?  It only looks like you spent a lot.  In reality, this value-added accessory is very practical and easy to install and use.  It is quick to roll up and self-store at the front of the box using straps and big, easy buckles.  So, when you need to haul cargo taller than the height of the box, the Genesis can be quickly secured without having to go to the trouble of removing it.  When you roll it closed, it snaps into place every time with the satisfying finality of a case closed.  The cover itself is made of a durable, tear-resistant, leather-like textured gloss vinyl and black aluminum bed rails. Although extremes in temperature can cause vinyl to become droopy and loose, Lund has designed a pre-set, hassle-free tension control system which keeps the cover taut at all temps, even in northern Canada.   Each corner is tapered for a precise fit and the front and rear rails have multi-finned rubber seals to prevent dust and moisture from getting in.

Not only do you save your hard-earned dollars at the time of purchase, this roll-up tonneau cover saves you money every time it is closed because a covered box saves you up to 10% on fuel.  That means it is environmentally savvy as well.  You also get the peace of mind that comes from a limited lifetime warranty.  Installation of this cover is quick and easy because each cover is precisely

manufactured to fit your make and model.   Lund even provides a short video to show you how to install it yourself.  See it at:  However, we’re all busy these days and you may prefer a professional installation.  You can save here too.  Until September 30th, 2016, when you purchase any Lund box cover at Raven Truck Accessories, the installation of that cover is free.  Don’t delay—call to schedule an appointment today.

The Genesis Roll-up Tonneau Cover would make an ideal Christmas gift for your truck-driving loved one.  Now that there is a vinyl roll-up box cover which is value-priced for our economic times, you can select this as your primary gift for your husband or wife. All truck accessory fans will love the way it improves the appearance of their rigs while making winter life a bit easier to take this coming season.

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Bak Industries’ new MX4 has got it all: strength, good looks, versatility, protection, fuel economy & security.  This solid, fold-up cover has a clamp-on install and it fits entirely inside the truck box. It’s made of a premium density foam core which is covered by durable aluminum and finished in fashionable matte black.  Matte black is like one of the really cool superheroes: He looks great, but he doesn’t have to wear a bright leotard and cape to proclaim what he is. The MX4’s rugged finish can take whatever weather it’s exposed to: it is UV resistant and it comes with EPDM outer rail seals for maximum leak prevention all the way around the box.  It is also scuff and scratch resistant because, well, sooner or later, stuff happens.

A new design feature allows you to open and close the tailgate while the cover is fully closed. Then, when you lock the tailgate, your strong aluminum cover prevents access to valuable cargo. This design means that the MX4 does not have those bulky locks sticking up, open to the elements and prone to seizing from rust. The cover is completely smooth – nothing sticks up to match its clean lines. It saves you money at the pumps: a proven fact that a box cover may reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. This super cover can even withstand 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. So, while we never recommend that it become the platform for a parade float, we have all been in situations where you just have to carry that one extra piece down to your friend’s cottage and your box and cab are already jam-packed.  Because the MX4 fits inside the truck box, your stake pockets are open for tie downs and you can safely secure your load. You’ll be the hero of the party because, did we forget to mention, that one extra box is the cooler full of steaks and you are keeping that package cool with ice-cold bottles of refreshment? When you arrive with that load, not only will they all admire the smooth appearance of your ride, they’ll be grateful for what its practicality allowed you to bring.

This cover’s style is more than skin-deep. The rails and hardware match the black matte finish of the box cover. When you fold up the cover, the panels easily unlatch, beginning with a simple pull-cable release inside injection-molded latch housings at the tailgate end of the box. When you get to the cab, you have two storage options. You can use the new, easy-latching strap and buckle system to secure the cover in a folded-down position. Or, you can take advantage of the protective strips which allow you to rest the cover right up against the back of the cab with no worries about scratching your paint or the glass of your rear window.

When the panels are leaning against the cab, a simple lock rod can be easily engaged to secure the panels in that position. This leaves every inch of your truck box available. Here’s another great design feature: when it is in the against-the-cab position, it is short enough to provide a full view of the third brake light, helping to prevent collisions from behind. The cover also works as a barrier, protecting the back of the cab if you have large cargo which can shift forward in the event of an abrupt braking situation.

You can have your truck box covered or you can have it fully open and easily switch between the two with a simple release and fold-up motion. When you go to unfold the panels from their locked cab-up position, the weight of the cover itself easily engages each latch as you lay the panels down. The latching is truly automatic. The MX4 does it all and looks super too.