FREEDOM: When it comes to using your truck that’s what the Firestone Industrial Products Ride-Rite Air Suspension System delivers. Simply put, Ride-Rite lets you use your truck like a real truck. When do you know that you need an air suspension system? Whenever you drive behind a truck that’s so overloaded its back bumper is almost scraping the asphalt when it goes over a speed bump—it needs one. Whenever you need to carry a heavy or uneven load for work or play—you need one.  Whenever you mount the powered snow plow to the front of your pickup—you need one.  Whenever you drop your camper into your box—you need one.  I’m sure you get the idea.  While they were originally designed for heavy-duty trucks, Firestone engineers Ride-Rite systems for pickups like ours.

Some days, you drive around with nothing in your truck box.  Other days, you expect your truck to carry whatever you can fit into it—no matter how heavy or uneven the load. Heavy and uneven loads can cause your truck to act like a rather expensive teeter-totter; if you weigh down the back end, the front end is going to come up. This can result in poor handling and difficulty braking.  Heavy and uneven loads can damage your factory suspension and put uneven wear on your tires–both of which can be costly repair/replace issues.

After installing your Ride-Rite System, these worries disappear. On those days when you drive around with nothing, simply deflate your air suspension system to the basic minimum. On the heavy-load days, engage the air suspension.  If your load is uneven, fill your bags individually to adjust your ride. As with so many things, you have options depending upon your needs and budget. From manual to in-cab controls there’s an option that offers the freedom to use air to protect your ride no matter what you ask of your truck.

If you frequently carry a heavy and uneven load, then the on-board air suspension system pays for itself in terms of versatility and simple convenience. Once the system is installed, you’ll be amazed at how many times you use the onboard air for all kinds of solutions. However, if you rarely carry a lot of cargo, a quick trip to the local gas station to use their air hose is easy enough.

Whether you select the basic Ride-Rite Air Suspension Kit or you go for more options and convenience, you’ll be reducing factory suspension fatigue by keeping your leaf springs from permanently sagging.  You’ll also decrease the stress on your entire factory suspension system that comes from repeatedly bottoming out. This system even reduces sway. Furthermore, Ride-Rite Air Springs provide a much more comfortable ride for everyone by increasing vehicle stability by absorbing road shock, especially on rough roads. Let’s face it, we often carry heavy loads on our way to our secluded vacation spot, but the roads to those ideal camping hideaways aren’t usually smooth blacktop. These days, when every dollar counts more than ever, it is no small matter to add that improved ride stability equals better fuel economy.

With a Ride-Rite Air Suspension System, you can get the most out of your truck without sacrificing comfort or your factory suspension. After all, there’s a reason that their ads often describe a ride as “smoother than air.”  No matter how much you haul, your Ride-Rite System can maintain a safe and comfortable suspension system on a variety of road types.