It is now dark during your morning commute and yet the road construction everywhere persists. Some mornings, it’s hard to tell where the road has been detoured to this time. Avoid those last minute swerves and spilled coffee by simply plugging in a new set of PIAA bulbs for both low beam and high beam. By lighting up the road with 50% more brightness, you’ll be able to see what’s coming from further away, providing you with more time to react to the daily changes caused by the repair and paving crews.

If you are one of the millions of drivers who is less than satisfied with your factory bulbs, things just got a whole lot brighter with PIAA’s Xtreme White Plus bulbs, which fulfill all of your lighting needs without breaking either the law or your bank account. All of these benefits make PIAA’s Xtreme White Plus bulbs one of the easiest and least expensive automotive upgrades that you can do yourself.

PIAA’s Xtra Technology is what accounts for the 50% increase in brightness. The combination of the highest quality quartz glass, an aerospace alloy filament and a proprietary gas mixture, as opposed to plain old halogen gas, add up to excellence in brightness, namely 50% brighter lights.

That’s right; you get 50% more brightness using the same amount of power as before. If you can’t imagine what that means, just picture the sun being 50% closer to Earth. Furthermore, it isn’t just brighter; it is a better light colour. It is a proven fact that White 4000 Kelvin provides the best colour recognition, contrast and depth perception you can get. The blue top coat on these bulbs adds a slight blue tint to the light without any loss of performance and without the driver fatigue that sometimes happens with the really blue bulbs.

What all this tech talk about components and power draw and Kelvin light colour boil down to is this: your lights will have a cool white light output that will light up road hazards and street signs 50% more than the bulbs that came with your vehicle. And yet; these Xtreme White Plus bulbs are completely street legal all over Canada! Or, as the lawyers and bureaucrats state: they are 100% DOT/SAE compliant.

replaceWell, but you ask, how do they hold up? These Xtreme White Plus bulbs are engineered for sustained performance in applications where a high level of vibration and moisture protection is required. That’s geek-speak which means longer life even under rough and tough Canadian conditions. It all comes down to how they are made: each bulb is assembled by hand and 100% tested at each step of the manufacturing process, just like all of PIAAs products. They even come with a One Year Warranty!

Finally, let’s deal with the installation issue. It’s simple, if you can plug your headphones into your MP3 player, then you can install these bulbs. They really are Plug-in simple. Because these bulbs need no more than your factory bulbs when it comes to power consumption, you do not need to upgrade your wiring or worry about it burning out. It is as simple as removing the old bulbs and plugging in your PIAA’s.

At this time of year, it is getting darker a bit sooner every night… what are you waiting for? Go get your PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs today at North Shore Off-Road or Raven Truck Accessories. We have locations dotted all over the map to serve you in North Vancouver, Surrey/Langley, Prince George, Calgary North and South, Red Deer, Edmonton North and South, Edson, Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie.

Here’s an added incentive to get you out the door: For the entire month of October, 2016, you’ll get 10% off of all PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs at any of our locations. Now that you know all about them, you also know that they’d make great Christmas gifts too!